The release of her first Christmas album “My kind of Christmas” is a dream come true for Aliki. Christmas has always been her favourite holiday of the year. A Christmas album was something Aliki wanted to do for a long time. “My kind of Christmas” is a journey into Aliki’s Christmas memories, from her childhood until the arrival of her eldest son, who was born on Christmas day. The album is a collection of classic and contemporary Christmas songs that have been loved and continue to be loved around the world. Timeless and unforgettable musical pieces, which we all have associated with the happiness of our childhood, but also the love and warmth that surrounds the Christmas season.

The album was recorded at the famous Smecky Studios, in Prague, with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. It was co-produced by Aliki and Alexis Lontos Leonidou.

“The difficulties that humanity is going through, during this period, have given me the inspiration to give the world a gift that will bring hope for a better tomorrow”, Aliki comments.




Aliki recorded her debut international album Reflections with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in 2016 at Smecky Studios in Prague. The album is a blend of passionate classics from both musicals and opera and the movies to the more contemporary melodies.

Reflections is a journey. A gathering of memories and influences. It’s important for Aliki to sing melodies that have the power to move her. So this album reflects a part of Aliki’s journey. Each song was chosen carefully, each one marked a part in my life, made me grow and is a reflection of a thought, a moment. The album features works by Puccini, Gounod, Dvorak, Webber, Lara, Rota, and more. It also includes a special duet with Greek-Cypriot singer Michalis Hatzigiannis.

The album covers a vast repertoire of opera, musical theatre and popular songs in order to appeal to lovers of both classical and contemporary music. It was co-produced by Aliki and Alexis Lontos Leonidou.